10 Ways to Make Your Traditional Recipes More Heart-Healthy

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Everyone loves a good home cooked meal. We have those traditional recipes that are traditions for a reason – they’re delicious! Sometimes, they can be a heavy on the waistline.

Here are some ways to turn your traditional dishes into something a little more heart-healthy, hopefully without sacrificing too much of that familiar flavour.

1. Turkey bacon or prosciutto instead of regular bacon – Regular bacon is high in fat, so cutting back and using turkey bacon can be a great alternative. You can also use prosciutto. Cooked prosciutto has a ton of flavour and less fat.

2. Low fat Yoghurt instead of Sour Cream – Low-fat yogurt can be used in dressings, dips, and other recipes. With fewer calories, more protein, and less fat, it’s a great alternative.

3. Olive oil instead of butter – Butter on your bread once in a while is fine, but olive oil is also a great alternative. Try a crusty whole wheat bread in a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Delicious!

4. Instead of white flour, use whole wheat flour – Whole wheat flour is less refined and is much better for your blood sugars if you are diabetic.

5. Wheat flour is a fine and healthy grain, but if you want to use something other than wheat flour for a different nutritional profile, you can try some of the following flours:

Black Bean

6. Unsweetened Apple Sauce instead of Sugar: Apple sauce has non-refined sugars which are sweet but better for your health. If using apple sauce, cut down on some of the fluid in your recipe to maintain the consistency.

7. Mashed Bananas, Apple Sauce, or prunes instead of Butter: Take away that fat in your baking by using naturally creamy fruits! A1:1 ratio for these fruits generally works in baking recipes.

8. Egg whites instead of Whole Eggs: Take away some of that fat and cholesterol by adding just the whites. In baked goods, it’s equally delicious. You can also make egg white omelettes, and load them up with veggies and spices for additional flour.

9. Baking or Steaming instead of Frying or Boiling: Baking and steaming are some of the best ways to cook. Using these methods can help save on the amount of oil you need to use, and also help preserve nutritional value of the food.

10. Lean ground turkey or chicken instead of sausage: Dry frying some lean ground poultry instead of sausage can reduce unnecessary fat in your diet. Try loading your meat with spices (try to go easy on the salt) to enhance the flavour, and finish with a bit of heart healthy oil.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence once in a while, but flavour doesn’t always have to be sacrificed for health. Try experimenting with some of these substitutes to see if they fit with your recipes!

Happy Eating!