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Storm-Proofing Your Home: Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Seniors

Recently, Ontario and Quebec endured a rather nasty spring storm that resulted in power outages in thousands of homes. The cascade effects of loss of heat resulted in several deaths as well. This served as a reminder that lives and property are alway susceptible to the wrath of Mother Nature, unless we prepare ahead of time and storm-proof our home.

Executor Support Services – How They Help You Navigate Through Paperwork and Grief

Being an executor of an estate can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes, grief on top of responsibilities makes the whole undertaking feel impossible. Time to look into Executor Support Services.

Assessing Senior Living: Uncovering the Essentials of a Quality Residence

When looking for a senior living residence for a loved one, it’s important to do your research to make an informed decision and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your senior family member.

3 Ways to Hygge Your Home

After going through a pandemic many of us are yearning for comfort, familiarity, and connection. This is hygge. 

Bring the World to Your Home This Christmas

Are you looking to add something new to your Christmas decorating this year?

Bring the world to your home this season!

Introducing Eldercare Planners of Canada

Home to Home is proud to be a member of Eldercare Planners of Canada and we’d like to take a moment to showcase the other members across Canada through our group interview questions. 

Home Downsizing Options

Is it time to start thinking about downsizing? Here’s a rundown of the more popular housing types and what they offer.

How Seniors Can Help with the Move, even if they can’t lift a box.

Downsizing to any kind of smaller home can be made difficult when seniors are fighting every step of the way. Feeling like they’ve lost all control, the situation can be made easier by giving the senior a starring role in the move and making them feel some control again.

What’s Involved with ElderCare Planning?

Elder care planning can be quite overwhelming, especially in the beginning stages.  One may have to learn how to navigate the private and public health care systems, and evaluate what type of housing or home care services are available and what resources are best for the senior. Here’s a way to start….

Advanced Directives for Medical Care – If, When, and How Long?

No one likes to think about it, but there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your medical care as you age. 

Planning out your care in advance will not only give you an opportunity to let your wishes be known, but it will also take much of the burden off of the family on how to proceed with your care.