Interesting Apps for Seniors

So, you have your first smart phone. What to do? What kind of apps should you download to make life easier? Here’s a list of the most talked-about free apps that we think could be useful for seniors.

Each smartphone has a particular operating system.  For the most part, the Apple iPhone operates on the iOS, and the Android system is on the Samsung and some of the other smartphones.  If you are unsure about what sort of operating system you tablet or smart-phone is using, click here.

Check out some of these popular free applications:

  1. iBooks

Operating Systems: iOS

ibooks icon h2h
Description: The app itself is free, and the books that can be downloaded are either free or at a cost.  Download electronic books (e-books) directly onto your phone or ipad. Some prefer the feel and look of real books, but if you’re open to a new reading experience, e-books can be downloaded and stored in your device for quick and easy access. If you’re a traveler or a commuter, having numerous e-books on hand is a great way to pass the time.

Not an Apple (iOS) user? Doesn’t matter. Kindle and Kobo (both makers of e-readers) both put out their own apps which can be downloaded onto Android and Windows devices.

  1. CBC News

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows.

ibooks icon h2h

Description: This app includes up-to-date news articles and presents them all ready for you to read. Similar news outlets (National Post, Globe and Mail, etc.) also have apps that can be downloaded for free.


  1. Words with Friends

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows

ibooks icon h2h

Description: Many health professionals think that puzzles are great to help ward off dementia and keep the mind active. Words with Friends works like a scrabble game that you can play with people you know. Loved by all ages, it is one of the most popular word-game applications on the market.


  1. Magnifying Glass and Light

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows


Description: Turns your phone into a magnifying glass! Just put your phone over the text and see it transform into words you can read with ease. It comes with a light so that you can also read in the dark. This application works better on faster running phones. Some have complained that with cheaper phones, there can be a lag in the image. The best way to find out if it works for you and your phone is to download it and see!

  1. WebMD

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows


Description: Get instant trusted medical information through this app. Look up information about diseases/conditions, symptoms, and treatments with ease.


  1. The Weather Network

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows


Description: Get accurate weather forecasts and updates for the city in which you live, and you can also look up the weather for the cities where you loved ones live!



Not satisfied with what you see here?  Explore the possibilities of app technology! App exploring can be fun and may result in finding something that really helps you out. Use your phone’s app store’s search function to find new applications. If it’s free and you’re feeling ambitious—try it out! Remember, it’s never too late to learn.


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