Meal and Grocery Home Delivery Programs

nurse or helper in residential home giving food to old senior man

As we get older, it may become increasingly difficult to go grocery shopping or prepare your own home-cooked meals. Not to worry, there are many meal and grocery programs for people with varying levels of independence, different diets, as well as budgets. Additionally, many services are flexible and will provide fewer or more meals, depending on what your individual needs are.

If you or anyone you know has difficulty preparing meals for themselves, you can also consider signing up for Meals on Wheels. A list of links for Meals on Wheels Programs below will provide you with additional information on how to sign up.

Meals typically cost between $5.50 – 6.00 for a hot meal delivered to your door by a volunteer.

Richmond and Vancouver  – Richmond and Vancouver Meals on Wheels also has the option of providing Chinese/Cantonese styled meals.

New Westminster




North Shore 


Hot Meal Services other than Meals on Wheels exist which might be more suited to your tastes.

To highlight a few:

Mamaluv – Delivers healthy meal options.

Licious Living –  Delivers healthy meals for both weight loss and healthy living.

Batchfood –  Makes frozen meals and delivers them to your door.

Casalinga Food Services – In Burnaby, prepares and delivers affordable Frozen Meals once a week.


Home Delivery Grocery Programs

For those that have the ability to prepare meals themselves, but perhaps want to avoid the hassle of going out and buying groceries, there are a number of services which will deliver groceries to your home.

Avalon Dairy  – Dairy products delivered to your door.

Blue Moon Organics  – Delivers to most parts of Greater Vancouver except Vancouver and Richmond.

Thrifty Foods  – All Thrifty’s locations offer delivery service.

Dairyland – Offers seniors a 10% discount on their delivery service.

Green Earth Organics  – Providing organic green produce straight to your door.

Small Potatoes Urban Delivery  – Provides organic food straight to your home.

Stong’s Market  – Provides groceries and other household items.

Safeway  – Provides an online service to get your groceries.

Volunteer Richmond Information Services – Have a home grocery delivery program, as well as shopping group programs and one-on-one assistance through the help of volunteers.

North Shore Elder Services  – Provides services for seniors on the north shore, including grocery delivery services.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to food. With a little research, you can find the right meal or grocery plan for you. Happy Eating!