What to Know About Personal Alert Systems

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As we age, it’s important that we make the changes necessary to make our homes safe places. If you or someone you know is at risk of a medical emergency, consider getting a personal alert system. Here is some information to help you get started.

What is a Personal alert system?

A personal alert system is a monitoring device, attached to a phone, which provides a way to alert someone if you need help or haves been injured.

How do they work?

The system operates through an attached monitor to your usual phone, with the addition of a pendant or bracelet equipped with a button that can be pushed when you need help. Pushing the button will alert a call centre attendant. Help will be sent if either there is no response, or you ask for help to be sent. In some cases, medical help will be sent immediately.

The personal alert pendants and necklaces are waterproof are meant to be worn all day. Since they are waterproof, they can be worn in the tub or shower where there are is a higher risk of accident. The alert system is also designed to monitor and respond to situations where the senior is not in a position to push the button on their pendant or bracelet.

What should I look for?

A good personal alarm system will have specifications for individuals and their personal health histories. For example, stroke survivors may have systems which can be operated with one hand. If you are prone to forgetting to wear your pendant, it might be worth looking into getting multiple buttons placed in different locations of your home, for easy access to help in case of emergency and you are not wearing your pendant/necklace. If you are concerned about power failure, make sure your system has a back up. Some systems are designed to respond, even when you cannot. For example, some systems are designed to detect falls, and will trigger the response procedure if you fall and are unable to press the button yourself.

What are the most common brands of Personal Alert Systems in Canada?

Below are some brands of personal alert systems:

We can’t always predict what life will bring us, but we can take measures to make us safer. With a bit of research, you can find a system that is right for you.