Preparing Your Home for Sale

Mani con chiavi sfondo porta di casa

Thinking about selling your home? Like many people, you may find it difficult parting with your home. Perhaps your kids grew up in your home. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home so many years it feels odd to consider anywhere else.
Once you’ve made the decision to move, here are some tips to get the most value from your home.

Take an Objective Approach
Although it may sound impossible, do your best to see your home (and matters relating to your home) from an outsider’s perspective. For example, ask your realtor for his or her opinion on any improvements to help your home show at its best. Talk to others who know who have gone through the process of selling their home to prepare yourself for the inevitable stress which will come with it.

Deciding When to Sell
There may be specific factors that affect the timing of when you list your home for sale. Perhaps you have found a new home already and want to move soon, or perhaps you are moving to a new city for a new job or to be closer to family members. Also, seasons may affect the pricing of a home. In many areas, Spring tends to be a better time for sellers. If you don’t have a specific reason that dictates the timing of when your home has to be listed, talk to your realtor about the right timing for you.

Declutter Your Home
All your beloved possessions are of course meaningful to you – but when it comes time for selling, all those things may make your home look cluttered. Think about what you can either discard or pack up early. It is common for realtors to recommend for example, that family photos be taken down before showing the home.
Critiquing your home and putting yourself in the shoes of a buyer is a good way to make your home as marketable as possible.

Make Minor Repairs
Though there might be a bit of an upfront cost, there can be a larger payoff in the end. Go through your home and take note of things which need to be fixed – things like cracked tiles, doors that won’t close, or holes that need patching up. Some buyers may look past these minor flaws, but some potential buyers may be dissuaded from giving an offer.

Bear in mind, though, that huge makeovers may not be worth it. Completely re-doing the kitchen or bathroom may end up costing more than the increase in value of your home, so be smart about the makeovers.

Do a Bit of Outside Maintenance
Make the home look good from the outside so that people want to see what’s on the inside! A good first impression matters. Moe the lawn, tidy up for front yard, and do any minor repairs for the outside. Sometimes a new paint job can go a long way.

Have Your Home “Show Ready” At All Times
Having your home completely presentable at all times may not be realistic for everyone, but do your best. You’ll never know when there’s going to be another potential showing!

Find the Right Real Estate Agent
Finding the right person to help sell your home can take time. They need to be someone that you trust, and they also need to be knowledgeable about your housing market.

Start by asking friends and family for any recommendations. You can also try looking on signs in the neighbourhood, or doing your own research online. Try to look at a few candidates before you make your final decision, and ask each one of them for a market assessment which should be provided free of charge.

Get Help with Packing
Once you have an accepted offer on your house, the harder work is just about to start! Give yourself lots of time to sort and pack up your whole home and don’t underestimate the amount of time it may take, especially if it is your first downsizing. To avoid getting overstressed, don’t be scared to seek help from family, friends or outside hired help.

Selling your home is no easy task – it is often stressful and emotional. Talking with friends and family can help better prepare you and alleviate the stress. And remember – once it’s all over – you have a new home to look forward to. Happy Moving!