Protecting Senior Skin from Winter Damage

Senior Woman

As we age, we become increasingly prone to skin issues such as eczema, flaking and even skin cancers.

A little sunshine is good for us, especially during the winter time where it seems so scarce. But during those winter months, it’s important to remember that UV rays can still peak through the clouds and do damage to your skin and even lead to skin cancer.

Try to helpful tips to avoid winter damaged skin:

Wear sunscreen

During the winter some may not think to wear it, but for many people, it puts them at greater risk. Snow can also reflect up to 80% UV rays back, increasing your chances of sun damage.

Consider wearing sunscreen on sunny winter days, especially if you have fair skin which doesn’t tan or a substantial number of moles. With these traits, you may be more prone to skin cancers such as melanoma.


As senior skin is more prone is dryness and flaking, it’s good have some moisturizer around. Different brands work for different people, so look around and see what’s right for you. Watch out for the ingredients, though. Lanolin is an allergen for some people and is found in some creams.

Drink Plenty of Water

To help your skin remain elastic end hydrated, but sure to be drinking plenty of water. Though applying topical creams may help your skin regain moisture, having a healthy hydrated body is essential in good skin health.

Wash gently

Dryness or flaking can occur as a result of harsh scrubbing. Make sure to clean gently, and though it’s alright to scrub away some of that dead skin, take care not to be too hard on your skin.

Wear your hat and bundle up

Keeping your skin unexposed to cold air and sun will help it retain its healthiness. So put on that scarf, toque, and even some sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Monitor your Skin

Sometimes irregularities in the skin can indicate other problems in your health. Pay special attention to your feet; if any infections or skin discomfort form let your doctor know.


It’s important for us to look after our whole bodies, skin included. With proper monitoring and maintenance, you can ward off skin disease and enjoy healthy skin.

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