Renovating the Bathroom

Adjustable height toilet seat

As we age, it’s important to make the necessary changes to our homes to make sure that it can accommodate our needs.

The bathroom is a common place where falls occur. Whether it’s coming out of the shower, off the toilet, or maneuvering around a small space – there are plenty of hazards that can be made safer with a few simple changes.

Look around your bathroom to see where improvements can be made. Is there enough support around the toilet for you to easily get up and down? Is there enough support in the shower? Is there a corner which could be made easier to maneuver with hand bars?

Here are some tips for making the bathroom safer for aging in place.


  • Getting a seat extender can help you by giving you greater height on the toilet, thus being easier to get up and down.


  • Even if you are mobile, you can consider converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower. Alternatively, you can purchase a bath seat which can make a more comfortable showering experience.
  • Hand held shower heads also offer more flexibility in the shower, especially if you are sitting in the tub. You can also consider an adjustable height shower head – one that can go up and down depending on the height of the person using it.
  • Getting a slip resistant floor in the bathroom could also save you a fall. You can get an anti-slip coating, or you can buy a bath floor mat to give you a bit more traction in the tub.

Grab Bars Where Needed

  • You can install grab bars around the shower, in the shower, and toilet to provide extra reinforcement against any slips.

It’s always good to plan ahead – a fall can happen to even the most mobile of people.

A good thing to also keep in mind is that BC seniors or family members can claim 10 % for a maximum claim of $1,000.00 on home safety renovations on their income tax. For more information on the tax credit, visit: