Senior Friendly Travel Destinations



Need a convenient get-away? Still brainstorming places to go for your next trip? Here’s a list of senior friendly travel destinations to get you started.

Booking a Cruise
Cruises offers convenience for travelers, as activities and meals are already planned for you, taking away some of that travel stress. For those that are less mobile, cruises can get you to see many places with relative ease. Popular cruise destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe.


1. Research the expected temperatures based on the place you are going and the time of year, and pack accordingly. Cruises are not always in warm weather especially if you go at the beginning or end of cruise season.
2. Internet charges on the ship are usually quite expensive. If you need to download a book or an app that you intend to use on the cruise, do it before you depart!

All Inclusive Resort Destinations

Some destinations, although warm or beautiful, can be a real handful when planning. Resorts are a great way for all the planning to be done for you. If you’re less mobile, being in a resort can be a great way for you to get away for a relaxing trip and not worry about meals and recreation. Mexico and the Caribbean are places which are well known for offering renowned all-inclusive resorts.

Tip: Do your research on the nature of the all-inclusive resort and look at a few options before you choose. Some resorts are focussed on being family-friendly for those with kids, some do not allow children, and some are popular destinations for younger folks looking for a lively experience.

The U.S.

With the winter coming, many people may want to travel to warmer destinations, while still being close to home. Arizona, California, Florida, Las Vegas and Hawaii are all popular destinations in the United States, especially during the winter time. Do some research to find where best suits your interests.

Tip: Be mindful of the extreme drought conditions in California and if you’re travelling there, please do your part as a tourist to conserve water, such as not requiring your bed linens and towels to be changed every day in your hotel room.

Beautiful British Columbia

Don’t want to venture too far away from home? There are many places in BC that make for a great vacation. Whistler, Vancouver Island and the Interior might be a great fit. A great site for BC traveling to get you started can be found at

Tip: Many of the BC destinations are reachable by driving but cold weather can wreak havoc on the highways. Snow tires are recommended and look up the weather forecast before you leave.


European countries are small, and getting around is relatively quick and easy. You can choose to focus on one country, or go to a few countries during your trip. If you’re looking for warmer climates, many of the southern parts of Europe are quite warm year round. Just make sure to do your research ahead of time.

Tip: Many international destinations offer senior-friendly tours that you can sign up for in your home town. Joining a tour group will relieve you of many of the decisions associated with booking hotel rooms, deciding on where to eat, and what tourist attractions to see.

Do a little research, and ask around. There are so many great places to relax and explore. Happy Traveling!