Technology to Help You Stay at Home Longer


As we get older, living in our homes may present new challenges. Making your home safe with senior friendly technologies can you to live independently for as long as possible. Here are some technologies to help you age in place.

Home Monitoring Systems
Home Monitoring Systems can include security from burglary, flood detection, fire detection, and carbon monoxide detection. These systems are useful of people of all ages, but may be of interest to some older folk for that added bit of security.

Personal Alert Systems
Personal alert systems are designed to assist seniors in emergency situations such as in the case of an injury or fall. They often look like a button connected to a pendant or bracelet, and can be pressed in the case of emergency. Some personal alert systems actually detect falls without the senior having to physically dial for help. If you are concerned about your safety at home, getting a personal alert system can give you more confidence about living independently.

Stairlifts are motor powered chairs designed to help you get up stairs. One in three seniors will suffer a fall per year, and complications from falls can be very serious. Help from stairlifts may help you stay in your home longer.

The stairlift system can be installed with only minor changes to your actual home. They can be installed in straight or curved staircases. Take a look to see if a stairlift will work for you!

Telephones for Hearing/Vision Impaired
Hearing or seeing the telephone can be a struggle if you have troubles with your hearing or your vision. Telephones for the hearing or vision impaired can really come in handy.

Some phones are volume and tone adjustable, so that you can set it to what work for your hearing range. For the vision impaired, large buttons can help you see the numbers you are dialing. There are lots of choices available. Take a look around for something that works for you.

Medication Dispensing Machine
Phillips and other companies make medication dispensing machines that allow you or your loved ones to have medication administered error-free. If you worry about your memory, it may work for you. They are set up so that if doses are missed, you or a family member are notified. It will also dispense your medications, so that there’s no guesswork involved for you.

Everyone is different with the types of needs they have – do a little research to find the types of changes can be made in the home to make your home an easier and safer place for you to live.