Care Management

Through our care management services, we build long-term relationships with our clients as we help them with a variety of matters in the management and oversight of the senior’s evolving care needs and state of health.

In addition to helping the senior directly, these services are also aimed at helping the adult children who may not live close by or who may be looking for some extra help to support them in dealing with their parent’s eldercare issues.  We can help the adult children do some of the things that they would be doing if they lived in town or had unlimited time.

Our services are also very suitable for powers of attorney who wish to have our expert guidance in ensuring they are acting in the best interests of the senior.

Through our care management services, we provide oversight, management and facilitation of the ongoing health and wellness needs of the senior.  In addition to being able to provide regular check-up visits, we can also act as a personal guide and navigator with respect to health issues from onset of symptoms, through diagnosis, multiple medical appointments, treatment and conclusion, all the while advocating for the senior when necessary and providing timely reports to the family members.  Family members can have peace of mind that their parent will never need to experience anything alone, that we will ask the right questions and keep the family informed.