Benefits of Multi-Generational Living

Recently, reported on a novel response to rising rent prices in Canada by some post-secondary institutions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Humber and Sheridan colleges have partnered with SpacesShared, an online platform connecting older adults with spare rooms to students seeking affordable housing. This initiative offers students rent discounts in exchange for household assistance, addressing immediate housing needs while providing support for seniors who wish to remain in their homes. 

And this doesn’t just apply to college students. Multi-generational family living, once a common practice, is experiencing a resurgence in modern society. Families are rediscovering the advantages of having multiple generations living under one roof. 

Financial Advantages

One of the primary reasons families and students opt for multi-generational living is the financial benefits it offers. Shared living expenses, such as mortgage or rent, utilities, and groceries, can significantly reduce the financial burden on each household member. This arrangement allows families and housemates to pool their resources and save money collectively.

Emotional Support

Living with multiple generations provides built-in emotional support for all family members. Elderly individuals benefit from the companionship and care provided by younger family members, while younger generations gain wisdom and guidance from their elders. The sense of belonging and familial bonds fostered in multi-generational households contribute to overall emotional well-being.

Shared Responsibilities

In multi-generational households, responsibilities are often distributed among family members according to their abilities and availability. For example, younger members may assist with household chores or caregiving duties for elderly relatives or housemates, while older adults may contribute financially or provide childcare support. This sharing of responsibilities fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the home unit.

Platforms and Apps for Finding Younger Housemates

Are you considering multi-generational living but unsure where to find a compatible younger housemate? Fortunately, there are several platforms and apps designed to facilitate the search for suitable living arrangements. These homeshare platforms cater to individuals of all ages who are interested in sharing accommodations and mutually benefiting from the arrangement.  We have not tested these platforms ourselves but are including them here for informational purposes.

Roommate Matching Apps

Roommate matching apps, such as Roomi, are popular among individuals seeking compatible housemates. These apps allow users to create profiles detailing their preferences, lifestyle habits, and living requirements. Users can then browse through listings and connect with potential housemates based on shared interests and compatibility.

Co-Living Platforms

Co-living platforms like Common, Hale Tale, and Canada HomeShare, offer curated living spaces specifically designed for shared accommodations. These platforms operate communal housing complexes where residents have their private bedrooms but share common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and recreational spaces. Co-living arrangements often foster a sense of community and social interaction among residents.

Student Accommodation Services

Many universities and colleges offer student accommodation services that facilitate housing arrangements for students seeking off-campus living options. These services connect students with local homeowners or renters who have available rooms for rent. In exchange for affordable rent, students may assist with household chores or provide companionship to elderly homeowners.

Multi-generational living offers numerous benefits, including financial savings, emotional support, and shared responsibilities. With the rise of platforms and apps designed to facilitate housemate matching, finding a compatible younger housemate has never been easier.  Keep in mind that finding the perfect tenant or roommate is like hiring for a job – once you find promising candidates using these apps,, you will want to conduct your own interviews and background checks to help you select the most suitable person. By leveraging these resources, individuals can explore the possibility of multi-generational living and enjoy the rewards of shared accommodations. 

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