Demystifying BC Pharmacare

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Wondering if you’re eligible for public prescription drug coverage in BC? The answer isn’t always straightforward, so doing a little digging may be required to see if you are eligible. Unlike other some other Canadian provinces, Pharmacare in BC is mostly income based rather than age based. This means that subsidization of your medication is on the basis of income rather than on whether or not you are over the age of 65. As an older adult, there may be a number of different public plans that you may be eligible for, depending on your needs.
Here is a list of public BC prescription drug plans available.

Fair Pharmacare
Fair Pharmacare is income- based, and eligibility is determined by your last two years’ income tax returns. When you register, you will be assigned a deductible based on your family income. When your payments reach your deductible, Fair PharmaCare will contribute to certain drugs and medical supplies. To estimate how much you may be eligible for, please visit:
Fair Pharmacare is free to register for without premiums.
To apply, please visit:

Permanent residents of Licenced Residential Care Facilities (Plan B)
This plan covers the full cost of certain prescription drugs and medical supplies for permanent residents of licensed residential care facilities. Most residential care facilities will assist in registration if its clients are eligible. Unfortunately, Plan B doesn’t apply to extended care, acute care, multi-level and assisted living facilities. Additionally, it does not cover people who are temporarily in assisted living facilities.
For more information, please visit:

Palliative Care Drug Plan (Plan P)
This plan supports individuals of any age who are at are in at the end stage of an illness and who wish to receive palliative care at home. Eligible patients receive complete coverage of designated medications and medical supplies.
Find out more information at:

Other plans you may be eligible for include:
Individuals receiving income assistance from the Province of British Columbia (Plan C)
These are additional benefits you may receive if you are low income, and registered for fair Pharmacare.
More information can be found at the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation website:

Individuals registered with a provincial cystic fibrosis clinic (Plan D)
Your cystic fibrosis clinic submits your information to PharmaCare so, for more information on eligibility for Plan D, contact the cystic fibrosis clinic for where you get treatment.

Clients of mental health services centres for whom the cost of medication is a significant barrier to treatment (Plan G)
This plan is intended for those diagnosed with a psychiatric condition which may experience difficulty paying for treatment.
More information can be found at:

Navigating Pharmacare in BC might be a bit challenging – but with a little digging, you might find you are eligible for some form of public coverage.