Father’s Day’s Greetings, Events, and Facts

Happy (almost) Father’s Day! Ever wonder about the origins of our annual celebration of fatherhood? Read on to find out about the history behind the June 18th event, as well as some gift ideas and exciting ways to enjoy the day and/or reflect on your family history this coming weekend in Vancouver!


Origins of Father’s Day


Recognized in North America as a national holiday in the 1970s, with Canada following the United States’ lead, Father’s Day was reportedly celebrated by Catholics in Europe during the Middle Ages before it was first celebrated in North America at the turn of the twentieth century. Some stories attribute the origins of Father’s Day to West Virgina, others to Washington state. Initially, Father’s Day in the United States commemorated the deaths of important men (in either the Monongah Mining disaster or the Civil War, depending on the version). Today it has become an opportunity to show appreciation for the living in the forms of cards, gifts and/or other gestures, but some observers also use the opportunity to commemorate the loss of a loved one, as the event was once intended. Whether you want to show appreciation for a father who is still with you, be celebrated yourself, or explore the history of those who have passed on, we have some ideas for how you can mark this day in Vancouver!


Father’s Day Activities in Vancouver


What do you and your father or child like to do together? Picking an activity that is a shared passion is probably the best way to enjoy the day, but we have some ideas for you if you’re unsure!


1) Brunch, Dinner, or Dessert –Many restaurants and establishments in Greater Vancouver are offering Father’s Day specials on June 18th. Depending on your tastes and location, there are many options to consider! Downtown, the Boathouse is offering a Champagne Brunch Buffet for just under $50 an adult – and dad’s first beer is on the restaurant. Want to be on the water? You can also take your father on an old-fashioned paddle-wheeler for a river brunch or dinner bbq buffet, starting at $70 per person. In Langley, Tracycakes has a “Dad and Me High Tea” event for only $20 and Township 7 has a $33 “Wine and Swine” wine tasting picnic with pork snacks. In Burnaby, there is also a classic Canadian dinner at Hart House where dads get a complimentary Steel & Oak Ale.


2) Fishing – If you like to fish, there are at least a couple of free events worth checking out on Father’s Day: the LaFarge Lake Annual Free Fishing Day and Splash! BC Family Fishing Day.


3) Vancouver Canadians Annual Father’s Day Catch – Another free event happening Father’s Day weekend is the Vancouver Canadians Annual Father’s Day Catch at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium, Sunday from 1-3pm. For more information, visit this page!


4) Pool – A few good places to play pool downtown include Malone’s, Lamplighter, and the Commodore. In East Vancouver, Guys and Dolls offers a no-frills snooker experience as well.


5) Garden Days at UBC Botanical Garden – Father’s Day weekend offers everything from a bee safari to a tea-tasting.


Gift Suggestions


Many of us have traditional gifts we give our fathers to show appreciation and love for them on this day. Some people stick with cards, others like to give experiences. If you’re looking for an unusual gift and don’t mind splurging a bit, here are some suggestions!


1) Ancestry.ca – Does your dad like to research the origins of the family tree? This Father’s Day, you can enjoy $20 off a DNA test! (https://www.ancestry.ca/?geo_a=r&geo_s=us&geo_t=ca&geo_v=2.0.0&o_iid=41015&o_lid=41015&o_sch=Web+Property)


2) Villa Eyrie Motosport Circuit Package – If you’re looking to splurge, for $1,695 the Villa Eyrie Resort on Vancouver Island offers a stay in the hotel, a dinner at their Summit Restaurant, and a day of training in racing and motorsports! (http://www.villaeyrie.com/offers-and-events/celebrate-dad-motorsport-getaway/) You can purchase this event as late as June 30, which is convenient for families with tight schedules.


3) Massages – Maybe your dad already has a place where he goes to rub away his aches and pains, but if not, Miraj Hammam has a great $170 spa package that includes both a body and scalp massage as well as a steam and complimentary Arabic tea.


4) Charity Donations – Does your dad have a cause he likes to support? Show him you’re on board with a donation!


5) Personalized Gift Bags – If you are far away but want to send your regards, personalized gift baskets with nuts, golf balls, alcohol and other treats can be delivered straight to his doorstep to make a man’s night.

Enjoy your day, and let us know how you celebrate Father’s Day your own special way on our Facebook or Twitter!