Games to Keep Your Mind Active

Puzzle design

As we grow older, it’s important to help your mind stay sharp. The risk of dementia doubles every five years after age 65.

Research has shown that lifestyle factors affect whether or not someone gets dementia. One key factor is the amount of mental stimulation someone gets, so keeping your mind working is essential. Here are some online games that can help you keep that mind active.

Word Games
Word games like crosswords are a popular brain exercise. If you’ve done the one in this morning’s paper and want a new challenge, try them free at Not a fan of crosswords? You can also break out a Scrabble Board ( or Bananagrams ( ) to play with your family.

For those who are less word-inclined, puzzles may be of more interest. Be it a puzzle in a box, or a puzzle online: using spatial reasoning can help keep your brain stimulated.
For a variety of puzzling games, visit

Some research suggests that chess can help your mind stay sharp and slow the onset of dementia. You can either bring out your chessboard, or if you want, try an online version at

Sudokus have also been shown to keep the mind active. Like crossword puzzles, they are extremely satisfying to finish. You can purchase a book of Sudoku, or find them online at

Online Brain Trainers
A number of paid websites offer entertaining games specific for warding off dementia. Don’t want to spend money on training your brain? Not to worry. Lots of free games can be found elsewhere, like the ones listed above.

Lumosity (paid)
Dakim (paid)
Fit Brains (paid)
Brain Curls (free)

The key to a good ‘brain game’ is to always be challenging yourself and keeping you thinking in different ways. Trying new games instead of playing familiar ones can give you more benefit by providing more stimulation for your mind.

Try it out! You never know when you might come across a fun new game that helps you stay sharp, happy, and healthy.