Senior Apps – Games to Improve Memory

Senior woman using tablet at home

We’ve heard it before: Brain training games can improve cognitive function. But is it really true?

Though there is a great deal of research to suggest that memory games can improve cognitive ability, there is still additional research to be done to understand this phenomenon more fully. According to one study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, seniors who played games improved their ability to intake auditory information by 58% compared those who did not play the games. Additionally, another study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences USA suggested that brain games can improve memory significantly.

However, even with research, there is still debate about what the exact benefits are and the types of games which are the most effective. Regardless, memory games can be great fun and may also help you ward off those symptoms of dementia a little longer. Here’s a list of free memory games that are compatible with both iOS systems (Apple products) as well as Android systems (products like Google and Samsung):

Luminosity Brain Trainer
Luminosity provides you with daily training sessions which will help with your cognitive abilities. This includes memory, attention, and problem solving capability. If you like it, you can also expand to a paid version.

Clevermind is designed to help those with early stages of dementia by exercising their brain in the form of games and quizzes. Additionally, this app has nutrition tips, medical information, social networking, and a calendar to help you remember your appointments.

Cognifit Brain Fitness
Cognifit Brain Fitness provides games designed by neuroscientists which offers to test you against your friends, if you have a competitive flare in you! An added bonus is that you can also track your own progress.

Fit Brains Trainer
Fit Brains Trainer give you access to 360 games and puzzles. The games get more difficult as you get better, so that you are always being continuously challenged.

Brain Trainer
Brain Trainer provides you with a wide variety of games including short term memory, concentration, and focus. Brain trainer also allows you to set your own personal targets and goals.

Brain Metrix
Brain Metrix provides you with games aimed at improving concentration, IQ, spatial intelligence, memory, and even creativity!

Though more research is needed in order to fully understand the impact of games on improving cognitive ability, memory games can be one of many ways to keep your mind active. Experts also suggest that reading intellectually stimulating material, watching informative documentaries, and learning a new skill such as a language or knitting can also improve cognitive function.