Strategies for Decluttering Your Home


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Home getting cluttered? There are many reasons for tidying up your home. Perhaps you need to get it ready to sell. Maybe you’re expecting out-of town visitors to stay at your house, or just planning a Saturday night dinner party. Need a little direction on how to approach it all? Here are some strategies to help you get started.

Declutter first, buy second: Do not buy new items without going through what you have at home first. Perhaps you already own a few of the same items – you just need to fish it out and put it in its proper place. This will ensure that at the very least you don’t accumulate more.

Time Management: Set aside a little amount of time over a period of days. Sorting through your belongings may take more time and energy than you think.

The Hanger trick: One way to check to see how often you wear pieces in your closet is to have all your hangers facing the same way in your closet. After wearing an item, you can return it to the closet in the opposite direction. At the end of six months, you’ll be able to see which clothes you’ve worn and which you haven’t. Use this trick to re-evaluate your closet!

Give Things Away to Your Friends and Family: Sometimes we really don’t want to part with our possessions. But knowing that a friend or a member of your family can get enjoyment out something can make the giving away process a whole lot easier.

Keep the Memories, Discard the Item: Many people keep things for sentimental reasons, because it reminds them of a story, someone, or perhaps a fun vacation. There are however other ways to keep memories of a past moment without having to keep the physical item that reminds you of that memory. Do you for example have a house full of drawings and crafty things that your kids made at school? Take a photo of each one and compile a photo album to record the collection of your child’s creations.

Donate to Charity: Sometimes knowing that your item will be appreciated by a needy family may be enough for you to let it go. There are multitudes of charities, churches and other organizations that would be glad to accept donations of items so that they can be re-distributed to those in need.

Reorganizing and decluttering can be a challenge for anyone. With a little work, focus, creativity and time management, you’ll be looking at a clearer home in no time!