Technology for Traveling

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Being in a different city or country can be stressful. With new available gizmos and gadgets, you can be traveling with increased convenience and safety.

Try using some of these electronic items to help you out on your next trip.

Lightweight and slick, ipads or tablets can provide easy access to the internet which means you can update loved ones on your trip, catch up on the news, check the weather for your area, among other activities.

Here’s a brief list of applications available for travel (all are available for both Android and Apple):

XE Currency
The XE Currency app Automatically does currency conversion, using live currency rates.

World Clock Applications
Find your home time zone with ease with a World Clock Application. It will save you the stress of calling a friend in the middle of the night!

Language Translation Applications
Many language translation apps are available for both Android and Apple users. It can be a great help while traveling. If you’re not confident with saying anything in the language, just use your phone to translate a message and show them the message! Be careful with showing personal gadgets in public, however. Use your discretion.

Skype is a great way to keep in touch with people for free. You can also purchase skype credit and call landlines.

Viber is a communication service like skype which offers text, and ‘phone calling’. As long as your loved one has the viber app, you can communicate for free.

2. Cellphones

You can try a pay-as-you-go package purchased from the city you are traveling to instead of paying roaming fees to your current provider.

Sometimes people don’t want to go through the hassle of carrying a phone, however often it is much safer to have one on you while traveling in case of emergency.

Smartphones are a great idea if you want to keep it light while traveling, and having most of the capability of a tablet or ipad.

3. E-readers
E-readers can hold hundreds or even thousands (depending on the size) of books for you to enjoy. E-readers can also hold magazines, newspapers, and other types of digital material. E-readers don’t look like your typical screen – the technology is made to replicate the look of paper. Still, for many, physical books are preferable. However, e-readers can be a great alternative when you want to pack light.

Traveling can be a bit stressful, but using some of the available technology can make our lives a little easier. Happy Traveling!